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PLAN B Natural Heritage is currently providing environmental consulting services for
the following Municipal projects:

  • Town of LaSalle Official Plan Review
  • Town of Midland Official Plan Review
  • Stockyards Secondary Plan, Township of Woolwich
  • Breslau Secondary Plan, Township of Woolwich
  • Block 41 Secondary Plan, City of Vaughan
  • City of Brantford Official Plan Review
  • Colgan Master Servicing Plan, Township of Adjala-Tosorontio

PLAN B Natural Heritage
Landscape Ecology & Natural Heritage Planning

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Ontario, Canada L8B 0M9
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Team work is essential to achieving the goals of a project. 

PLAN B Natural Heritage is supported by independent experts from various environmental disciplines who share a common philosophy of sound ethical conduct and scientific credibility. 

Together we offer our clients a unique combination of dedicated senior level expertise, competitive rates, accessibility, and excellent working relationships with the approval agencies.  For honesty, integrity and technical excellence beyond comparison look no further than PLAN B Natural Heritage


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Brad D. Bricker, A.A. Dipl., BA, M.Sc.
Principal & Certified Senior Ecologist (ESA)

Tyler Hoar, B.Sc.
Senior Wildlife Biologist

Jeremy J. Jackson, B.Sc.,
Certified Arborist (ISA) & GIS Analyst

Dusan Markovic, M.Sc.
GIS Spatial Analyst




Brad D. Bricker, A. A. Dipl., BA, M.Sc.
Principal & Certified Senior Ecologist (ESA)

Brad is the Principal of PLAN B Natural Heritage.  He is a Certified Senior Ecologist with over 25 years experience in environmental planning, impact assessment and natural resource management in Southern Ontario.  Brad has acted as the project manager and ecologist for the natural heritage component of over 500 urban land use projects, including sub-watershed studies, secondary plans, environmental impact studies, environmental implementation reports, resource management plans and environmental monitoring programs.  Through these projects, Brad has developed innovative standards and solutions to evaluate, protect and enhance natural heritage features.  Brad has acted as a senior environmental advisor for over 30 community secondary plans.  His project experience includes key participation in the following natural heritage and macro-scale
planning studies:

  • Brantford Waterfront Master Plan (City of Brantford)
  • Southwest Kitchener Master Plan (City of Kitchener)
  • Kleinburg-Nashville Focus Area Study (City of Vaughan)
  • North Oakville Natural Heritage Inventory & Analysis (Town of Oakville)
  • City of Brampton Sub-Area 1, 3 and 5 Block Plans and Environmental Implementation Reports
    (Landowner Group)
  • Area Training Centre (ATC) Meaford – Natural Resource Inventory, Environmental Assessment and
    Natural Resource Management Plan (Department of National Defense)
  • Keswick Business Park (Town of Georgina)
  • Sutton Secondary Plan (Town of Georgina)
  • Orchard, Alton and South Aldershot Community Secondary Plans (City of Burlington)
  • North Hespeler Secondary Plan (City of Cambridge)
  • Box Grove Secondary Plan (Town of Markham)
  • Carrville District Secondary Plan (City of Vaughan)
  • South Guelph Business Park (City of Guelph)

Brad has designed and undertaken long-term environmental monitoring programs to monitor the effectiveness of stormwater management measures in maintaining the health and function of aquatic and wetland ecosystems, including a 10 year program for the Southcreek Community in the City of Guelph.  Brad was also part of a design team led by Gamsby & Mannerow that created the “treatment train” and “greenway system” of stormwater management in the City of Guelph (i.e. Pine Ridge West Subdivision).  The greenway system of stormwater management, and the supporting EIS, is referenced in the MOE Stormwater Management Planning and Design Manual (2003).


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Dusan Markovic, M.Sc.
GIS Spatial Analyst

Dusan Markovic, M.Sc. is an Associate who specializes in conservation and sustainable land use planning.  Dusan has over 10 years experience in GIS analysis and environmental consulting founded on a robust undergraduate and post-graduate education.  As a consultant, Dusan has been involved in projects with all levels of government, First Nations, NGOs, and private industry.  He has conducted GIS spatial analysis for a broad range of conservation related projects.  Dusan led the GIS & Data Management Teams for both, the North Cascades and Pacific Ranges, and Central Interior Ecoregional Assessments.  Ecoregional assessments are a regional scale, biodiversity-based context for implementing conservation efforts by a multi-stakeholder group of agencies and various levels of government. 

Dusan has completed assignments in British Columbia, Ontario and Washington State with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Sustainable Solutions Group.  He has also assisted with the Great Lakes Basin Atlas, the Canadian Freshwater Fish Database and various Species at Risk projects for the Canada Centre of Inland Waters.  Dusan has a thorough understanding of GIS and spatial analysis with a specialty in biodiversity and sustainable land use practices. 

In addition to working with digital data sets and GIS, Dusan has experience on the physical side of conservation planning and environmental assessment, in the field and laboratory.  This affords great insight into the methods necessary to effectively use GIS in support of conservation and environmental planning.


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Tyler Hoar, B.Sc.
Senior Wildlife Biologist

Tyler Hoar, B.Sc. is a senior wildlife biologist with expertise in the field of ornithology.  He has over 15 years of experience conducting field inventories and research throughout Ontario and North America.  He was a key field researcher for the Second Edition of the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas, and was responsible for collecting data related to the species distribution and abundance of birds in Durham Region, Central Ontario and the James Bay coast.

Tyler has also completed bird surveys and amphibian monitoring in the Lake Ontario watershed for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI), as well as long-term monitoring of forest birds near Apsley, Ontario on behalf of the Canadian Wildlife Service.  He is very familiar with the standard protocols and sampling procedures used to document the distribution and abundance of birds, amphibians, fish and mammals in the Province of Ontario.  Tyler is certified in the Ecological Land Classification (ELC) system used to classify and describe vegetation communities in Ontario.   Through this unique combination of skills, Tyler has developed a thorough understanding of the inter-relationships between habitat conditions and wildlife utilization. 

Tyler is the lead editor of ‘Birds of Canada’ published by Lone Pine Press, and has also co-authored a number of reports and publications, and continues to be actively involved with the Ornithology Department at the Royal Ontario Museum.  He has also participated in numerous research projects for various government agencies including banding and aerial surveys related to the conservation of shorebirds, waterbirds, raptors and forest-interior birds.   Tyler is currently collecting and analyzing information on the annual bird die offs on the Great Lakes due to Botulism Type E outbreaks.


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Jeremy J. Jackson, B.Sc., Certified Arborist (ISA) & GIS Analyst

Jeremy is an independent contractor with over 10 years of experience working with conservation authorities and the consulting industry.  He is a Certified Arborist with extensive experience completing tree saving plans, woodlot assessments, edge management plans and arborist reports for private development applications and municipal infrastructure projects.  Jeremy is very familiar with the full range of GIS software applications, as well as AutoCAD.  He has completed GIS mapping for several large scale natural heritage studies including the Sutton Secondary Plan and the Keswick Business Park in the Town of Georgina.  Jeremy has a well rounded background in the natural sciences which enables him to effectively and accurately translate field data into a GIS mapping product.  These GIS skills are also applied to his Arborist related projects.  

Jeremy Jackson provides Arborist and GIS mapping support to PLAN B Natural Heritage on a regular basis, and is a valued business associate


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